207: Chelsea & Liverpool Draw; Man City and Arsenal Win Late; Man United Win & Spurs Stumble; Premier League MD13 Review

Premier League Matchday 13 Review


Tiki, Tum, Al, and Hussey get into this week’s action. Liverpool fail to hold onto the lead versus Chelsea. Manchester City continue their winning ways while Manchester United catch a lucky break. Tottenham stumble against West Brom and Arsenal win late against Huddersfield.

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The Podcast FC Show is a soccer podcast! Listen in on some soccer banter among true footy-obsessed friends and have your say on our social media. There are plenty of "proper" soccer podcasts but we pride ourselves in keeping it casual. Your hosts are Tiki, Tum, Farid, Al, and Hussey who are great friends and have been playing & watching the beautiful game since they were in diapers. Listen in on their “footy pub talk” and get your 2 cents in! Come on then, let’s have it!


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