Premier League Fantasy Soccer Talk – Matchday 14

Premier League Fantasy Soccer Talk – Matchday 14

All the English Premier League Fantasy picks you’ll need this Matchweek.

As you can see this matchweek we have gone back to a written segment. Tiki and myself were unable to swing a time together because of our crazy schedules but at least we're still getting our picks out to you.

This short week is giving us a little warm up to what it's going to be like in a few weeks when the winter season gets a bit crazy. This week shouldn't be too bad for teams who aren't in European competitions. For teams who are in those competitions or have multiple injuries, it'll be interesting to see how they deal with the first series of the crazy EPL schedule.

Last Week's Points:

Not bad but we could've done better.

Buys: 21

Keeps: 16

Sells: 11

Risks: 12

Favorable Matchups:

All matchups are favorable this week.

Unfavorable Matchups:

If I had to pick games that were at least less favorable:

Watford vs United

West Brom vs Newcastle

Arsenal vs Huddersfield

Bournemouth vs Burnley 


Buy: Simon Mignolet (Liverpool) 4.9

Teams Selected by: 1.5%

Liverpool look to stepping in the right direction defensively and they have favorable matchups coming up.

Keep: Hugo Lloris (Spurs) 5.5

Teams Selected by: 9.4%%

No clean sheet since 10/14 (vs B'mouth)

No wins in the last 3 matches (Lost to United and Arsenal, Drawing West Brom) 

Sell:  Fraser Forster (S'hampton) 5.1

Teams Selected by: 8.4%

Just look at their upcoming schedule.

Risky: Joe Hart/Jordan Pickford (West Ham/Everton) 4.4/4.8

Teams Selected by: 8.2%/5.9%

Both teams have similar stats offensively and defensively. This is a risk to anyone willing to think one but not both team are going to snap out of their poor form.


Buy: Azpi (Chelsea) 6.9

Teams Selected by: 21.1%

If you have the money then this is a easy pick.

He's one of the best defenders in the league.

He leads all defenders in fantasy points.

Chelsea is a about to start a run of great matchups.

Keep: Otemendi (City) 5.8

Teams Selected by: 3.9%

This is not a must buy or keep. This was originally the risk pick. Even though City may be breaking all types of records but they aren't a guarantee to keep clean sheets.

Sell: Smalling (United) 5.4

Teams Selected by: 3.9%

This may become a foolish sell but I'm putting a lot of stock into this exciting Watford squad. There is also the possibility that Smalling doesn't pay with Bailly and Jones getting close to their return date. Plus, even if United do well against Watford they still have Arsenal away and City home coming up.

Risky: Ragnar Klavan (Liverpool) 4.3

Teams Selected by: 1.1%

I know some may say this is bias or false hope because I'm a Liverpool fan. Liverpool is about to go against many mid-table or lower teams and Klavan seems to do well against those types of teams. Also, Klavan has been apart of 3 of Liverpool's 5 clean sheets.


Buy: Eden Hazard (Chelsea) 10.7

Teams Selected by: 7.9%

Look at his price.

Look at the fixtures.

Enough said, it's Eden Hazard.

Keep: Wilfried Zaha (Crystal Palace) 6.9

Teams Selected by: 5.5%

This could be false hope or maybe I've been listening to the guys for too long about this guy. He's in my squad because of his price and the fixtures. It makes sense on paper but I still don't have a good gut feeling about him.

Sell: Aaron Ramsey (Arsenal) 7.1

Teams Selected by: 6.3%

Ramsey is half to the incredible form we saw a few years ago. Overall he has notched a respectable 3 goals and 5 assists. In the last 5 matches he's earned 2 goals and 3 assists. I don't see Ramsey getting many points in the next 2 matchweeks. Keep an eye on him for future weeks though.

Risky: Matt Phillips (West Brom) 5.6

Teams Selected by: 0.7%

This West Brom team is obviously not the same team as last while their missing Chadli. There's also a possibility Chris Brunt won't be playing mid week because of a calf injury.

Last year, Phillips had 4 goals and 8 assists in 26 starts and 1 sub appearance. This year he has 1 goal and 1 assist in 8 starts and 4 sub appearances.

Every crucial stat was better last year especially shots on goal, key passes, and dribbles. Phillips needs to be more aggressive with the ball. If he starts getting his confidence back, he'll start getting fantasy points again.


Buy:  Roberto Firmino (Liverpool) 8.5

Teams Selected by: 17.6%

Even though people give Firmino criticism for not scoring enough goals, he is a crucial part of one of the best offensive team in Europe. When things are clicking everyone on Liverpool are likely to score points. The up coming fixtures should allow Firmino to get above average points each week.

If you don't like Roberto the other easy pick would be Morata.

Keep: Gabriel Jesus (City) 10.4

Teams Selected by: 15.2%

The only things keeping this guy back from being a automatic buy each week is the uncertainty of whether he will start or not.

Sell: Lukaku (United) 11.5

Teams Selected by: 43.8%

Can't hate anyone for choosing this guy but with 3 tough games coming up that money can be spent other ways.

Risky: Glenn Murray (Brighton) 5.8

Teams Selected by: 43.8%%

Murray is a blue collar player who has the luxury of playing with plyers such as Groß, Knockhaert, March, and more who love to supply incredible crosses

Captain Picks:

Huss: Hazard

Tiki: Jesus

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