Premier League Fantasy Soccer Talk – Matchday 16


Premier League Fantasy Soccer Talk – Matchday 16

All the English Premier League Fantasy picks you’ll need this Matchweek.

Premier League Fantasy Soccer Talk – Matchday 16

After a exciting week for European matches, it's time to get back to the league for some fantasy action.

Last Week's Points

Not a very good week but David De Gea killed the Sell points last week. 14 saves. 8 points even after conceding a goal. The guy is amazing and he seems to always burn me when I try to sell him. If even one of those special saves don't happen, De Gea would most likely have 1 point.

Buys: 14

Keeps: 16

Sells: 18

Risks: 10


Favorable Matchups for Premier League Matchday 16

West Ham vs Chelsea

Spurs vs Stoke

Southampton vs Arsenal

Liverpool vs Everton

Unfavorable Matchups for Premier League Matchday 16

Burnley vs Watford

Cyrstal Palace vs Watford

Huddersfield vs Brighton

Swansea vs West Brom

Newcastle vs Leicester

Man United vs Man City


Buy, Sell, Keep, Risk Options for Premier League Matchday 16



Buy: Petr Cech (Arsenal) £5.4

Teams Selected by: 5.3%

Next 5 matches: S'hampton, West Ham, Newcastle, Liverpool, Palace

4 of the next 5 matches could all be clean sheets for Arsenal. Cech wouldn't even be a bad pick up to keep for the rest of the season. Arsenal fixtures are spread out nicely for fantasy owners.

Keep: Asmir Begovic (B'mouth) £4.5

Teams Selected by: 4.8%

Next 5 matches:  Palace, United, Liverpool, City, West Ham

Begovic is a player who seems to find himself in Fantasy talk quite a bit. This is the last match you keep Begovic and then it's Sell Sell Sell!!! Palace isn't good and Benteke doesn’t seem to be getting any better. The only way Benteke scores is if karma strikes against me for calling him out.

Sell: Jordan Pickford (Everton) £4.8

Teams Selected by: 6.1%

Next 5 matches: Liverpool, Newcastle, Swansea, Chelsea, West Brom

No goalkeeper on Earth can feel safe against this Liverpool offensive.

Risky: Jonas Lössl (Huddersfield) £4.6

Teams Selected by: 9.3%

Next 5 matches: Brighton, Chelsea, Watford, S'hampton, Stoke

With Chelsea and Watford on-deck after Brighton, this is a one game pick. It'll be interesting to see how both teams come into this match. Both teams have done far better than the average fan had thought. I'm picking Lössl only because Huddersfield is home.


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Buy: Christian Kabasele (Watford) £4.5

Teams Selected by: 1.0%

Next 5 matches: Burnley, Palace, Huddersfield, Brighton, Leicester

When it really comes down to it just pick any Watford defender because you'll be banking on the clean sheet points. If you like Kiko or Holebas more, then go for it. Zeegelaar and Mariappa aren't bad choices either because they find themselves up the field many times. I'm going with Kabasele because he's scored the most goals compared to the other Watford defenders and he's the 2nd or 3rd lowest price of that bunch. It doesn't hurt that he's only owned by 1% of the game either. Burnley is 13th in "goals for". The next 6 matches involve 5 teams who are 12th or lower in "goals for". Those teams will include Palace and Swansea who are tied for the least amount of goals scored. Only Leicester is higher than 12th, sitting in 8th

Keep: Joe Gomez (Liverpool) £4.6

Teams Selected by: 4.7%

Next 5 matches: Everton, West Brom, B'mouth, Arsenal, Swansea

This pick could very well be considered a risk pick but that's only because we don't know who will play. Gomez has twice as many starts as Trent Alexander-Arnold but because Gomez started and TAA didn't, there is always the possibility TAA gets the nod. That's the bad news. The good news is 4 of Liverpool's next 6 matches are at home. So far this year Liverpool has the second best "goals against" at home allowing only 2. If Gomez does get some starts then his £4.6 price will be well worth it.

Sell:  Ryan Bertrand (Southampton) £5.4

Teams Selected by: 8.3%

Next 5 matches: Arsenal, Leicester, Chelsea, Huddersfield, Spurs

There isn't a single reason to own anyone from S'hampton especially any defenders. All you have to do is look at their schedule. Don’t just look at the next 5 matches but the next 12 matches. Past the 5 from above S'hampton has matches verses United, Watford, Spurs, Liverpool  to name a few.

Risky: Danillo (Manchester City) £5.0

Teams Selected by: 1.8%

Next 5 matches: United, Swansea, Spurs, B'mouth, Newcastle

I know this may be crazy to take a City defender right before the Manchester derby and 2 matches away from facing Spurs but at this price it may be a risk worth taking. This is a true risk player because he may not even play. Let's play the "If" game for a moment. "If" Danillo gets the start over Delph and "If" City forgets about the Champions League loss and "If" City play organized then City may very well have a chance to get their 4th clean sheet of the season. Also, Danillo is a player who is able to push up the field and rack up assists.


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Buy: Hueng-Min Son (Spurs) £7.9

Teams Selected by: 1.5%

Next 5 matches: Stoke, Brighton, City, Burnley, S'hampton

This player needs to play. Case closed. In the last 8 matches (all comps) when Son played more than 33 mins, he has 5 goals and 2 assists. Son didn't record a goal or assist in only 2 of those 8 matches.

Keep: Eden Hazard (Chelsea) £10.8

Teams Selected by: 13.1%

Next 5 matches: West Ham, Huddersfield, S'hampton, Everton, Brighton

I know this may seem like an easy pick but don't forget how well West Ham played against Man City and how Huddersfield has done this year. I'm not saying Chelsea won't win. I'm saying don't expect a 6-0 win which a lot of people thought was going to happen when City went up against West Ham. I was one of those people hoping for goals galore for fantasy sake.

Sell: Xherdan Shaqiri (Stoke) £6.1

Teams Selected by: 6.3%

Next 5 matches: Spurs, Burnley, West Ham, West Brom, Huddersfield

Stoke has some deceivingly tough matchups coming up. Everyone knows about Spurs but Burnley and Huddersfield should be tough. For West Ham and West Brom I'm thinking at least one of them will show up and be reasonably tough. So I see stoke having trouble in the next 4 out of 5 matches. Shaqiri is the 18th most owned midfielder in Fantasy probably because of the price so even if you don't want to sell, just don’t play him.

Risky: Aaron Ramsey (Arsenal) £7.2

Teams Selected by: 9.1%

Next 5 matches: S'hampton, West Ham, Newcastle, Liverpool, Palace

Ramsey's recent form has been absolute fire. He has either scored or assisted in 7 of the last 8 matches. It would be very easy to pick Ramsey as the player to buy but for some reason, I can't. My gut feeling could be swayed by the fact that he's an Arsenal player or maybe because in the last couple years Ramsey has been inconsistent. If Ramsey is reincarnating the Aaron Ramsey we saw in 2013/2014, when he finished with 10 goals and 8 assists in 20(3) appearances, then he's the type of player to keep the rest of the year being priced at 7.2.


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Buy: Alvaro Morata (Chelsea) £10.8

Teams Selected by: 35.9%

Next 5 matches: West Ham, Huddersfield, S'hampton, Everton, Brighton

Everything seems to line up for an automatic buy. His price is very nice at 10.8. Chelsea's next 10 out of 12 fixtures seem to be favorable. Morata has 2 goals and 4 assists in the last 6 matches.

Keep: Harry Kane (Spurs) £12.8

Teams Selected by: 37.4%

Next 5 matches: Stoke, Brighton, City, Burnley, S'hampton

After scoring in the last 2 out of 3 games, Kane may be getting back into form. When Kane is in form, he is arguably the best striker in England. The biggest reason Kane isn't the player to buy is his price tag. His price is way too much to take a risk on.  

Sell: Lukaku (United) £11.4

Teams Selected by: 34.6%

Next 5 matches: B'mouth, Palace, Arsenal, West Ham, United

Once again we have to look at one of the most prolific strikers in England. And once again have to say sell. After having one of the best starts a striker could have to a season, the Lukaku train has been slowing down a bit. Since week 8 Lukaku gets a goal or an assist practically every other week. The problem is that there's only 1 goal accompanied by 3 assists. For Lukaku's price you'll want to get more points. The Manchester derby will make it tough enough to score but without Pogba, Lukaku will have to step up to a level that he's never had to step up to before.

Risky: Tammy Abraham (Swansea) £5.9

Teams Selected by: 11.3%

Next 5 matches: West Brom, City, Everton, Palace, Liverpool

The Chelsea loanee has 4 goals and 1 assist on the year. Those goals came against Palace, Watford, and Huddersfield. West Brom seems to be the type of team that if Tammy will score it'll be against a team like them.

CAPTAIN Options for Premier League Matchday 16

Huss: Alvaro Morata

 Tiki: Sadio Mane


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