Premier League Fantasy Soccer Talk – Matchday 27

Premier League Fantasy Soccer Talk – Matchday 27

All the English Premier League Fantasy picks you’ll need this Matchweek.


Sweet Baby Jesus, what a week we just had!

Liverpool and Spurs tie in maybe the most entertaining and controversial match of the year so far. Arsenal put 5 in the net with the resurrecting Rambo with help from the new signing Aubameyang. Manchester City found a way to draw an out of form Burnley. The icing on the cake is Chelsea losing heavily to Watford and an over celebratory Troy Deeney. 

Last Show's Points

Tiki and myself did pretty well. Some of the "Sell" players got more points than I would've liked to see but thankfully our other players hit. I set a benchmark for 25 points each week for all the categories except for the obvious "Sell" category. If the goalie and defender get a clean sheet along with the midfielder and forward getting a goal we'll be looking at 25 points. This past show, we did great with the "Buys". For the "Keeps" and "Risks", I'd say we did ok.

Buys: 31

Keeps: 24

Sells: 17

Risks: 20

Matchday 27 Matchups


Spurs vs Arsenal

Everton vs Crystal Palace

West Ham vs Watford

Manchester City vs Leicester

Newcastle vs Manchester United

Southampton vs Liverpool

Chelsea vs West Brom


Stoke vs brighton

Swansea vs Burnley

Hudders vs Bournemouth

Position Recommendations



Buy: Jordan Pickford (Everton) £4.9

Teams Selected by: 8.0%

Next 5 matches: Palace, Watford, Burnley. Brighton, Stoke

Everton hasn't been very good at all this year besides a short run when Big Sam took over but they're playing a Crystal Palace squad without Zaha.

Keep: Asmir Begovic (Bournemouth) £4.5

Teams Selected by: 4.1%

Next 5 matches:  Huddersfield, Newcastle, Leicester, Spurs, West Brom

Just going off of recent form of both teams.

Sell: Petr Cech (Arsenal) £5.4

Teams Selected by: 4.6%

Next 5 matches: Spurs, Man City, Brighton, Watford, Leicester

I have all the respect in the world for this guy but between him and this Arsenal defense there's too much risk involved. They're also playing 2 of the best teams in England.

Risky: Karius (Liverpool) £4.8

Teams Selected by: 0.3%

Next 5 matches: Southampton, West Ham, Newcastle, Man United, Watford

He looked great against Spurs and hopefully for Liverpool's sake he can continue his good form.



Buy: Alfie Mawson (Swansea) £5.1

Teams Selected by: 2.6%

Next 5 matches: Burnley, Brighton, West Ham, Huddersfield, Southampton

Swansea is undefeated in the last 4 matches. They look totally different since switching managers.

Keep:  Charlie Taylor (Burnley) £4.2

Teams Selected by: 0.7%

Next 5 matches:  Swansea, Southampton, Everton, West Ham, Chelsea

This is a hard one but with the injuries involved and price point, I'd say keep Taylor. Burnley has 4 good fixtures coming up and only 2-4 truly tough fixtures left in the season.

Sell: Jamaal Lascelles (Newcastle) £4.6

Teams Selected by: 7.0%

Next 5 matches: Man United, Bournemouth, Liverpool, Southampton, Spurs

Even though I was a supporter of this guy earlier in the year I just can't see any reason to have him in your squad. Newcastle only has 5 clean sheets this season and they have one of if not the hardest remaining schedule. Newcastle still has to play 8 of the top 10 teams in the league (excluding Man City and Burnley).

Risky: Victor Moses (Chelsea) £6.4

Teams Selected by: 1.8%

Next 5 matches: West Brom, Man United, Man City, Palace, Burnley

This is a tricky pick. If Chelsea are in form and he's a guaranteed start then I'd say take him. He's a loophole player. He's a wingback so basically a midfielder who's listed as a defender. Moses has played 3 full matches out of the last 4 and I don't see West Brom scoring. Chelsea needs to win and Alonso may not play. It's looking ever more likely Moses will get the start.


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Buy: Mo Salah (Liverpool) £10.4

Teams Selected by: 57.1%

Next 5 matches: Southampton, West Ham, Newcastle, Man United, Watford

This guy is insane. If Liverpool could find some way to get Salah to sign a life time contract I wouldn't be surprised at all if a few Liverpool fans converted to Islam. We're seeing Salah and Kane go neck and neck for the golden boot. We're seeing the same situation we saw last year with Kane, 2 years ago with Aguero, and multiple years ago with CR7. Even if 99% of the game owned this player you still need to own them as well just to keep up with

Keep:  Jordon Ibe (Bournemouth) £4.9

Teams Selected by: 1.9%

Next 5 matches: Huddersfield, Newcastle, Leicester, Spurs, West Brom

Bournemouth hasn't lost since 12/23/17 and these weren't easy games by any means. There were a few good wins against some legitimate teams such as Arsenal, Chelsea, and Everton. Realistically you can pick any of the front men from Bournemouth. I picked Ibe because he's inexpensive and he has 1 goal and 3 assists in the last 5 matches.

Sell: Anthony Martial (Manchester United) £8.1

Teams Selected by: 4.7%

Next 5 matches: Newcastle, Chelsea, Palace, Liverpool, West Ham

Even though I'm a Liverpool fan I like this guy. I think he gets a bad rep for his normal reactions and United fans don't like that he doesn't show his emotions. Everything looks good for a possible pick up as United are playing Newcastle, which should be a fairly simple game, and Martial is 11th in scoring for midfielders but it's the same old story for the United wingers. I don’t know if he's going to play. Especially with Sanchez now arriving in Manchester it's anyone's guess on who is going to get the second starting winger position.

Risky: Deulofeu (Watford) £6.0

Teams Selected by: 2.0%

Next 5 matches: West Ham, Everton, West Brom, Arsenal, Liverpool

Look at this guy. He showed samples of what he could do at Everton and Inter Milan then Barcelona bring him back just because they had a roster spot open. Things obviously didn't work out well in Spain and Deulofeu has been sent back to England. In 2 games he has a goal, a assist, and a clean sheet. Deulofeu is exactly what Watford needed.


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Buy: Harry Kane (Spurs) £12.8

Teams Selected by: 44%

Next 5 matches: Arsenal, Palace, Huddersfield, Bournemouth, Newcastle

This guy is expensive, super expensive to be exact. He could still be worth it though. Kane might be turning it into an even higher gear till the end of the season. Salah is challenging him for the golden boot while Liverpool and Chelsea are denying Tottenham a Top 4 position. Harry Kane has 10 goals in the last 8 matches and I don't see him slowing down.

Keep: Firmino (Liverpool) £9.2

Teams Selected by: 39.2%

Next 5 matches: Southampton, West Ham, Newcastle, Man United, Watford

Since Coutinho has left this guy has done more than step up. He has got 6 goals and 3 assists in the last 9 matches. He's also the 3rd highest scorer for strikers in the fantasy game. Liverpool also have a top 3 schedule left for the rest for the season. They only have to play 4 of the current top 10 teams. Then again, this could be bad for Liverpool because we all know they struggle with lesser teams.

Sell: Lacazette (Arsenal) £10.2

Teams Selected by: 7.4%

Next 5 matches: Spurs, Man City, Brighton, Watford, Leicester

This is easy. Is he the new Giroud? With Aubameyang coming in and only priced at £10.5 there is no reason to have Lacazette over Aubameyang.

Risky: Cenk Tosun (Everton) £7.1

Teams Selected by: 0.3%

Next 5 matches: Palace, Watford, Burnley, Brighton, Stoke

This may be the risk pick of the week because nobody knows whether he's going to play. He's only played 12 min in the last 2 matches. Everton brought this guy in to score goals and it already looks like Big Sam has lost faith in him. The good news if you buy him now is that he's already dropped £0.4. If he scores in consecutive games you might be looking at a nice return.

By The Way... 

Everyone is describing Dele Alli's form with some choice words but from a fantasy perspective you may want cool those jets. I was originally going to put him as the midfielder to sell but after looking at a few numbers, you may just want to buy him. He's only owned by 12.4% of the game at £8.9. He's dropped £0.6 so this is another player you can make a profit off of. Even though his form looks horrible, he's still the 10th highest scoring midfielder and the 2oth highest overall player in the game at the moment. Alli also has 47 points in the last 8 matches. That's just under 6 pts a match. After the Arsenal match, Tottenham has 4 favorable match ups. I just might make this player the midfielder to buy next week, so stay tuned.

Captain Picks

Huss: Mo Salah

Tiki: Sergio Aguero

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